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<< At 2pm on Sunday, October 23rd, Jesse Kaminsky and Gang Clan Mafia will perform a public reading of the book Tanstaafl! at the Mobius Artists Group gallery in Cambridge, MA. The event will be broadcast live on WFMU’s Give the Drummer Radio from 2pm until it is finished (possibly 6-7 hours?). The book Tanstaafl! was created by John Osorio Buck and is comprised of 5300 anagrams for the phrase “Art and Money.”

Feel free to come and go as you like, take a nap, hang out, eat lunch.. There will be tapes and books available for sale. You can also listen live on the radio from this link: http://wfmu.org/wfmu_drummer.pls

More info on
Jesse Kaminsky: http://www.jessekaminsky.com/
Gang Clan Mafia: http://www.templeofmessages.com/gangclanmafia/
live playlist: http://wfmu.org/playlists/shows/69077
Mobius Artist Group: http://www.mobius.org/